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  • Say "Goodbye" to

    Is this chicken or fish?!

    Say goodbye to using the same storage tub for every food group. This method of storing food makes the risk of cross contamination much greater as we can’t always be 100% sure that our storage equipment has been sanitised correctly.
  • Say "Hello" to

    Colour coded storage

    Say hello to our colour coded food storage system. This will make sure that ready to eat foods will never come into direct contact with raw foods in terms of food storage. The different food hygiene colours ensuring that the foods are adequately separated.
  • Say "Goodbye" to

    Contaminated food

    Say goodbye to food been contaminated with pieces of broken plastic due to the flimsy structure of cheap storage tubs. There's nothing worse than a customer pulling a chunk of ice-cream label or plastic from their lovingly prepared food.
  • Say "Hello" to

    Durable containers

    Say hello to a storage system with a stiff structural integrity and designed to withstand hard impacts. The Tubit Safely products are designed to withstand the busy environment of a kitchen. No more should food be contaminated with foreign objects.
  • Say "Goodbye" to

    Grubby ice-cream tubs

    Say goodbye to reusing food packaging for storing food. This creates an untidy fridge and potentially could be cross contaminating.
  • Say "Hello" to

    Colour coded compliance

    Say hello to your colour coded food storage system that will ensure a neat and tidy fridge and lowering the risk of cross contaminating.
  • Say "Goodbye" to

    Fridge of doom

    Say goodbye to time being wasted trying to find something in your walk in fridge due to every tub being the same colour or not being easily identifiable or someone moving it to a different section.
  • Say "Hello" to

    Organised heaven

    Say hello to an organised fridge that is colour coded making it a lot easier to identify the product you are looking for which in turn also speeds up service. This will also assist in your stock management/ rotation.